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The Plan


The Plan by Lauren Truslow provides more than just a space to schedule the days in your life, but also to make sure there's life in your days. It is a place to plan, learn, and grow the best version of you. The planner runs for a calendar year, starting January 2022 and includes a condensed version of 2023 to help you look ahead.

What's inside:
There is a page devoted to each day with an hourly breakdown, fitness and hydration trackers, space for to do lists and red line items, meal planning, inspirational messaging, and, of course, a space for you to track your progress on your "Me Plan!"

Plus sections for meal prep, recipes, grocery lists, home organization, goal setting, important dates and information, 2023 full-page months at-a-glance and more!

10.25" x 10" x 2.25" (including coil)
10" x 8.25" (page size)
Thick 70 pound paper (resists ink bleeding)

Cover options: The Ashley, The Julia, The Amber and The Leah are all named after the artist that painted the original piece specifically for The Plan.

What do you want for yourself this year?