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This month we are looking at our kitchen cabinets and under the kitchen sink! Your kitchen is most likely the busiest room in your home. It is a place where your daily routine takes place, the spot your friends gather, and a place where order is key.
Turn to the front of your planner and check out space to map out your organization. I have broken down the steps outlined in The Plan to help you get this started!

Step 1 | Purge items you don't need

You can start by pulling it all out and seeing what you can get rid of. The purging part of organization is key. Then map out the placement of your kitchen. For example, I put all my kids plates, cups, bowls, etc in the bottom cabinets so they can reach them. 
Things to consider when mapping out your space:
    • What areas in your space already have an assigned purpose?
    • Are there spaces that are not easily accessible?
    • What items do you reach for every day?
    • Do you have a lot of any type of item?

Step 2 | Measure your kitchen cabinets & drawers

**Record your measurements in The Plan for easy reference***

Step 3 |  Pick your aesthetic & purchase your bins

This is all personal preference. You can choose clear bins, opaque bins, shelf dividers, expanding drawer organizers, baskets, and more. I love using clear bins, so that I can see inside. Others preferer to stick with opaque bins, so that clutter or smaller items go unseen. You choose what works best for you and shop around! 

Step 4 | Place your products & fill them

When placing your products reference the mapping you did earlier. Now that you have specific products you can adjust your pre-planning and play around with what works best. I recommend creating zones. These are areas designated to like items. We have a hydration zone, which is home to water glasses, Tervis cups, tumblers, to-go cups and water bottles.

Step 5 |  Label it for all to help 

The kitchen is an area of your home with many hands, making it difficult to stay organized. Establish a system of organization in your kitchen that is clear to you and others who may use the space. 
And then label like a mad woman. I have realized that no one can read my mind where I want it all to go, so I need to make it abundantly clear. Every little plate, cup and serving piece needs a label. When everything has a home and all know where it goes, you won't have to be the only one putting it all away! This ensures that all helping hands are actually being helpful and putting items where they belong.

**Get your planner today to start organizing your home + your life**


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