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The Plan

The Plan is a line of planners that goes beyond traditional features. Women take care of everyone around them, and often times they fall to the bottom of our to do lists. I have created a space for schedules and to do lists, but The Plan also has space to take care of ourselves physically and mentally.

'The Me Plan': a structured approach to making self-care and doing things you love a part of your daily routine. From goal setting to daily wellness tracking, The Plan helps users ground themselves in what matters most—and organize all the rest.

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A Girl In Sweaty Spandex

A Girl in Sweaty Spandex is the counterpart to The Plan. In this podcast, Lauren shares her experience as a fitness studio owner and instructor who’s spent the past decade birthing businesses and babies in a culture that wants to break women down and say they’re not enough. She's over that and you should be too!

Join Lauren as she gets real on deleting impossible standards, embracing what’s real, and turning up the positivity on the life you want to live.

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