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Why The Plan

Hey y'all - welcome to  The Plan

I have always been a paper planner girl, but I always carried around multiple books because nothing met all my needs. I wanted a space to track my day, set time aside for just me, plan out my meals, track my water intake and organize my life and home.

My sincere hope is that this planner gives you a place to plan, learn and grow the best version of you.

XOXO Lauren
Lauren Truslow

#1: The Me Plan

Life brings about chaos, lengthy “to-do” lists, a plethora of people who rely on us, and a continuing stream of connection and communication with social media. Slowly at first, and then seemingly all at once, life chips away little pieces of us, and then one day we wake up and we are really not sure who we are anymore. Then it hit me - just do it! Stop and take the time to do something good for me.

Write Your Me Plan

What brings you joy? What do you wish you had time for, but don't because you're too busy taking care of everyone else? The very first part of The Plan guides you through writing your Me Plan.

#2: Meal Prep

We live in a world where it's easy to swing through the drive thru and grab lunch or dinner. We also tend to make sure everyone else is fed and then we just graze on leftovers. What if we had nutritious, portioned out meals to fuel our bodies in a positive way? We can, we just have to make them, but The Plan can help.

Plan Your Meals

Trade the stress of food for the accountability of how you are fueling your body. Each Sunday, you'll plan meals for the week and track your progress. We will have a place for you to track your water, organize your meals, make a grocery list, and new recipes to try weekly.

#3: Home Organization: Label It!

Each month we have picked an area of your home to purge, organize and label. We all want a designated place for our stuff, but it seems so daunting. We will break it down to one smaller area each month so it seems manageable.

Plus we will give you tips and tricks along the way!

Get Yourself Organized

Each month, you'll identify an area of your home to organize or refresh.

By tackling smaller tasks and projects, the work will not become so overwhelming. Plus we will give you tips and tricks along the way!

The Plan