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Planner Care Best Practices

How Should I Care for my Planner? 

When you tote around a paper planner for a full year, it’s safe to say it will eventually wear & tear. Our team goes through a careful quality check of each planner before sending it to you then it's your turn to treat your planner with love. 

To show your planner some love be sure to:

- Place your planner coil up in your bag - to protect the plastic coil, be cautious of the paper edges & tabs.

- Close your planner when toting it around - to protect internal pages from tearing out.

- Be aware of the items you place in your bag around your planner - to protect from creasing and corner damages

- Keep your planner away from extreme heat - to protect the sealing of the cover & tabs

- Stay dry and use caution around liquids.

- Never lift your planner from one side, instead lift with one hand supporting each side.

And remember purpose over perfection. If a page tears, a corner bends or you spill a glass of water it’s not the end of the world - your planner will still serve its purpose!