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November 2023: Out with the Junk and In with the Order

This month, we're taking on a little troublemaker of a space that always seems to be in disarray—the Junk Drawer.

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Let's be real, even the most organized folks have one. It's the spot where items mysteriously gather, whether it's things shoved out of sight when guests pop by, items without a designated home, or those you're constantly reaching for. But guess what? There's a way to tame this unruly space and make it work for you. The best part? Organizing your junk drawer is a project you can conquer in just one afternoon.

Empty | To get started, you need a clean slate. Empty your junk drawer entirely. I chose to spread its contents out on my countertop; this step may reveal some extra "junk" and dust that needs a little cleaning.

Sort | Now that everything is laid out before you, it's time to separate the treasures from the trash. Determine what's truly junk and what's worth keeping. Some items may have a home elsewhere, while others deserve their spot in this drawer.

Group | To keep things orderly, sort the items you've chosen to keep in your junk drawer into categories. I went for broader groups, such as "home items," "hair stuff," and "writing utensils." The key is to make continued organization simple by having broad groups most items will fit into.

Measure | Get out your trusty measuring tape. Measure front to back, side to side, and the depth of your space. Note down your measurements in the handy space provided on your planner. These measurements will help you choose the right products that fit your space like a glove. 

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Arrange | Place your chosen products strategically, considering what needs to be easily accessible and what feels most natural to you. Once you've decided on a layout, use museum putty to secure your items in place, ensuring they won't slide around, even when life gets a little chaotic.

Fill | Now, it's time to fill up your drawer with your carefully organized items. It doesn't have to be picture-perfect; the real focus here is creating a space that you can easily maintain over time. Keep the clutter at bay and enjoy a tidy, functional junk drawer that works for you.

The junk drawer may always be a work in progress, but with these simple steps, you can transform it from chaos into order. Take an afternoon to tackle this space, and you'll reap the benefits of an organized and efficient area that serves your daily needs. Don't let the junk drawer's reputation as a disorganized abyss deter you; it can be your little corner of order and convenience in your home.

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