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It's time to tackle your makeup, toiletries and vanity area. If your vanity or makeup drawer looks like a bomb went off, you're not alone. Organizing your makeup, toiletries, and vanity can seem like a daunting task, but fear not! With a few simple tips and tricks, you can turn your personal beauty space into a well-organized haven. Plus, we'll chat about how to spot those expired products that have overstayed their welcome.
Declutter First, Glam Later
Before you dive into the world of organization, it's time for a beauty product intervention. Take everything out of your vanity drawers and shelves. Yep, everything! Once you have removed all of your beauty products, I recommend sorting them by product type (ex.  face, primer, eyes, lips, etc.). This allows you to visualize what categories you need to purge and what categories your collection is lacking in. 
Next you will want to go through each category and decided if the product is a Keep, Toss, or Donate. I broke down my guidelines for each below.
  • Keep: Hold onto the products you use regularly and truly love. If it's your go-to lipstick or that holy-grail moisturizer, it's a keeper.
  • Toss: Check for expired products, which can cause skin issues or infections. If it's changed color, smell, or consistency, it's time to bid adieu. Mascara and liquid eyeliner, for example, typically have a lifespan of about three months. Bye-bye, clumpy lashes!
  • Donate: If you've got unopened items that aren't your style, shade, or that you will not have time to use before they expire consider donating them to a local women's shelter or charity. Sharing is caring!
All About Makeup Expiration Dates
It is so easy to hoard all the make-up! However, it does have an expiration. I have used a variety of drawer organizers to keep my make-up organized and easy to access. And then I have an overstock area for extras. My favorite mascara is on sale, I am going to buy two of them. But I am going to keep them in one spot so I know what I have and what I need. The rule of thumb for me is to check the entire drawer when I change out one item. For example, my concealer is empty and I grab one from the overstock, which triggers me to check all of my easy access make-up on my drawer. Sometimes it's little samples that I have shoved in there or maybe it's a lipstick that I have never used. Let that be your trigger and you will always have an organized drawer!
Here's a quick cheat sheet for common beauty product expirations:
Plan tip: For an easy way to keep track of when products are expiring, create small labels using a label maker or masking tape to place on your products when you open them

Contain It All
Now that you've sorted through your stash, it's time to collect your products. Clear acrylic dividers, trays, and drawer organizers are your secret weapons. For this project, I chose to use various drawer separators that I had left over from another project and a small vase. Once you place your products, separate your lipsticks, brushes, eyeshadows, and other makeup essentials.
Plan tip: Label your containers for that extra touch of organization. 
The Vanity of Your Dreams
Going beyond just your makeup products, let’s finish up the project by revamping your vanity space. Your vanity is more than just a place to get ready; it's where you start your day feeling fabulous. Make it a functional and aesthetic space by adding a few thoughtful touches:
  • Good Lighting: Adequate lighting is crucial for flawless makeup application. Consider adding a well-lit mirror or a Hollywood-style vanity mirror to your setup.
  • Decorate: Add some personal touches like scented candles, fresh flowers, or a framed inspirational quote. Make it your personal oasis.
  • Regular Maintenance: Once a month, do a quick check for expired products. Trust your senses—if it smells funky or looks off, it's out.
And there you have it! With a little decluttering, some strategic organization, and regular product checks, you can transform your vanity into an oasis of beauty. Say goodbye to the chaos and hello to your very own beauty space. Your future self will thank you every morning when you get ready in style. 

There is still time to get organized before 2024!

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