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The Plan Tote Organizer

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Say goodbye to digging through your bag to find what you need! This tote organizer is exactly what you need to keep yourself organized on the go. 

Our Tote Organizer features:

  • 5 Internal Pockets: perfect for storing pens, makeup products, your phone & more.
  • A Detachable Center Partition: place in the organizer for more structure or remove it to create open space. The partition is secured by velcro and features 4 pockets and a zipper pouch
  • 2 External Pockets
  • A Large Pocket: ideal to store notebooks, tablets, and laptops
  • Key Leash: easily keep track of your keys by attaching them to your tote organizer


  • Large Tote Organizer: 
    • Measures: 11.4(W) x 7.1(H) x 5.9(D)"
    • Compatible with: Speedy 35, Neverfull MM Perfectly, Speedy 30, or any equivalent-sized tote 
  • X-Large Tote Organizer: 
    • Measures: 13.4(W) x 7.1(H) x 6.7(D)"
    • Compatible with: Speedy 40, Neverfull GM, or any equivalent-sized tote