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The Backstory (old version)

First and foremost, I am a Mom of four young children - Peyton, Harper, Emma, and Gunner. I met my husband Neal while attending the University of South Carolina and we have been together ever since. Life is busy with #truslowpartyof6, but that is just the tip of the iceberg!

After my first child, Peyton, was born, I wanted a life with more balance so I decided to leave my job in pharmaceutical sales to bring something new and exciting to my hometown of Columbia, SC. As a lover of group fitness, it was only natural that I opened a fitness studio! In 2014, I opened my first fitness studio. Our twins were born in 2015, followed quickly by our second fitness studio, so the juggling of life really began!


At that point, the entrepreneurial spirit was fueling me towards my next project. It was a labor of love, but in 2018, I created and opened a boutique nail salon called The Nail barre. A little over a year later, we opened a second location of The Nail barre. So now I have four children and four businesses. What’s one more??

“I don’t know how you do it!”

Well, I attribute keeping the chaos in control to being overly organized. One day, in true entrepreneurial fashion, I just said, “I am going to make a planner that can help other women.”

I wanted something better for myself but I also wanted to share it with others, so The Plan was born. We are all on this crazy journey together and I really wanted a planner where women could feel successful and plan out their days for themselves and their own chaos. I hope this planner is a place just for you to plan, learn, and grow the best version of you.

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The Plan