The Notecards

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The Annie
The Rosilyn
The Jennie
The Kori
The Art Bundle
The Heart
The Party

Say it all and share your favorite artwork while doing so with The Plan Artist Notecards. These mini masterpieces are the perfect thank you note, birthday card, or special touch to make someone's day.

You can match your 2024 Plan, or grab them all! Featuring the artwork of 5, small-business, female artists, your notes have never looked this good!

 10 cards &10 white envelopes per set

The Art Bundle: Contains a package of The Annie, The Rosilyn, The Jennie, and The Kori for a total of 40 cards and 40 white envelopes (10 of each).

Dimensions: 4" x 6"

Thick 60lb. paper