The Stickers

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Jazz up your planner and your to do list with The Plan sticker set. Adult, Student, ABC, and Birthday versions are available and each contain 4 sheets of stickers. Over 300 stickers are included in each set!

The Adult Set includes stickers for lifestyle, important dates, and organizational inspired stickers. You'll find stickers that inspire your monthly organization, Me Plan, Meal prep, appointments, travel, days off, book club, date nights, and more! 

The Student Set includes every student's must have stickers: school inspired stickers (including special dates, exams, study days, assignments, days off), stickers to take care of you (Me plan, fitness, meal prep, cleaning), and stickers to celebrate fun and important events (party plans, game days, travel, girls nites, and more).

The ABC set includes stickers for every letter of the alphabet and some special symbols in fun bright colors. 

The Birthday Pack includes bright colored birthday sticker sheets to mark birthdays for all of the important people in your life! 


8.5 in x 5 in Sticker Sheets