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Spring has officially sprung in South Carolina. The sun is out, the birds are singing, and all I want to do is soak it all up! If you don’t live in the south… I promise the spring is coming soon!

Every year the changing seasons and crazy amounts of pollen take a toll on my outdoor areas. The first step in being able to peacefully enjoy these outdoor spaces is to clean and refresh! In this blog post we will dive into my top tips for refreshing your outdoor areas for spring!

Unlike many of our organizational focuses, your outdoor areas are less about organizing and more about refreshing. You may choose to use the space in the front of your planner to make a shopping list for new pillows, to write down the doormat size you prefer, or to keep track of the amount of sunlight each of your planters receive. As always this is about what works best for you!

Debris Removal

First thing is first, grab a blower, broom, and rake. Clear of any leaves, cobwebs, branches or unwanted debris. This initial cleaning helps you feel productive and allows you to only make one trip to dispose of the debris properly. If you plan to redo your planters this would be the step where you want to remove your dead plants.

Pretty Planters

Set aside a day where you will tackle all your planters at once and get going! If you are completely redoing your planters, you will want to empty your planters and clean using soap and water. This will help you remove any bacteria or pests that have taken up a home in your planters. Once clean, add new soil and fertilizer. (If you are just adding to existing arrangements you should still add in more fertilizer) There are various options available at all home improvement stores that will help keep your plants healthy all season!

Now that you’ve set yourself up for success you can add new plants. Choose your plants wisely – be aware of each plant’s sunlight needs and keep in mind the amount of care they will need. You want to pair plants with similar sunlight and watering needs together or else you will never be able to keep them all healthy. I try to select plants that will survive through the colder fall weather, but I know that some falls are harsher and that may not be an option.


The Deep Clean

Now that we’ve made a big mess it’s time to really dive in and get these spaces clean. Sweep up the dirt, wash your outdoor furniture and wipe the pollen off your tables!

Finishing Touches

The dirty work is done! This is my favorite part – the part when it finally all comes together. Every year, I love adding some fun new touches to my outdoor areas. Some of my favorite elements are a customized doormat, outdoor throw pillows, tiki torches, citronella candles, and twinkle lights.

The final step in this process is to fill yourself a nice cold glass of your favorite drink and kick your feet up to enjoy the space you’ve created!

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