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For the past almost 6 years, all the kiddos were downstairs in their own little space. But at the beginning of the school year, my oldest, Peyton, asked me if she could have her own space since she is getting older. Growing up I had always had my own space with extra room for all my friends, so I knew she needed the same!
I wanted her to be a part of the process. So, we started our fun "big girl" makeover. We started with a Pinterest mood board, picked out the bedding, went to the fabric store together and mapped out her needs. Peyton’s new room would be what we call the F.R.O.G. – finished room over garage. When we bought our home, this room was the attic. It did not have sheetrock, no cute light fixtures, and no bathroom. Over the years we had renovated it to be guest room with lots of attic storage.
This space came with some very cool little spaces that were not finished because they were still used as attic space. Peyton said they were kind of scary and wanted to do something fun with these spaces. One day her and her friend dreamed up some cozy secret nooks. I brought in a handy man to create her very own secret hideouts from her little sisters + brother. This was such a blast and a great way to utilize unused space. And it's a great way to keep her room clean and organized because she can keep all her "stuff" in her hideouts!
It was important to me to create a space that Peyton loved today and would love as she continues to grow up. We filled her space with beautiful artwork to inspire her growing mind – you might recognize some of it! We made sure to fill her space with family photos too! No matter the choices made,  Peyton was a part of the process all the way through. Tonight, as I write this, she is sleeping in her room for the very first time. I wish you could have heard her squeals of excitement when she saw it all come together. The best!

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