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May has been a busy one. We celebrated Mother's day, Nurse + Teacher appreciation days, two employee graduations and have been planning my parent's 70th birthday bash!

The Party Plan has been a lifesaver. It is the perfect place to keep track of all the celebrations, weekends away, dinner parties, and holidays. I cannot wait to plan my memorial day weekend festivities!

In the office, we are planning big things for our August launch and out of the office we are hustling to prepare to send Peyton off to Summer camp. 

Let's Talk Overstock!

I have four kids, host many guests, and love to get together with friends. I have a lot of people to shop for, so I have to buy in bulk. It saves time, money and my sanity to do so, but that means I need a place to store the extra 40 rolls of toilet paper, the 6 bags of spaghetti noodles and the three huge rolls of trash bags.

Creating an overstock area was my solution! No, I'm not going wild like some of the women on TLC shows (if you are, I would love to see your overstock organization!), but I do have a special place reserved just for the extras. I keep what I need for the day or week in its space and store the others to replenish with.

A key to a successful overstock area is to label your shelving with the items you use the most. If you grab the last jar of spaghetti sauce to replenish the pantry, then you know it’s time to take inventory, create a list and make a trip to Costco!

In The Garage

The garage is a great extension of the home that can house all the extra "stuff". Think sports equipment, extra party supplies and your overstock. Everyone needs a little spot for the toilet paper, snack overflow, tennis rackets and cleats!

Do you want to park in the garage or not?
Depending on your location, space and driving abilities you may or may not want to park in the garage. This will determine how much space you have for organizing. My driving record (goodbye to a few side mirrors..) says parking outside is the way to go. I have turned my side of the garage into a storage zone. We have shelving units, clear bins and a place for toys + extra items. If you plan to park in the garage a great way to see what space you have is mark the floor with chalk when your car is in the garage.

What do you plan to store?
Make a list of all the things you don't need to have inside your home. These should be items that are not temperature or humidity fragile. Use this list to create zones in your garage so you know where items are when you need them.
I have a zone for every lightbulb, battery and cord needed in my house. They are all labeled and easy to grab. I also have a cabinet zoned out for flower vases, another for pool towels and pool toys. It is so helpful to have everything in one area and labeled.

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