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Summer Camp is such a wonderful part of childhood. My oldest daughter Peyton will be going to camp for her third Summer this year. She loves it so much and she has gained such a great sense of independence.

Last year I looked everywhere to find a cute journal to send with her so she could document her time. She doesn't send a ton of letters because she is so busy having fun (that is what she tells me when I ask about getting more letters, haha). I wanted to find something fun and cute that she would want to use, but I could look at when she got home to see what she did while she was gone. Needless to say, I could not find a thing. So... I made one! I can't wait for her to use this cute little bundle of camp cuteness, and I really can't wait to see it when she gets back.

We are currently in camp preparation mode! Packing for summer camp is so important. I am always so worried about forgetting something and getting the dreaded letter home asking for me to send that item. Lucky for me (and you) The Camp Plan has a handy packing plan section where you can write out your packing list and double check it as you go! 

This space is also a great place for your camper to double check when they are packing to come home at the end of the summer. They can highlight or check off the items as they pack back-up. 

Peyton's camp sends out lists of what is needed and required for camp, but not every camp does that. To help you prepare for summer camp I created a freebie of items to pack for camp. This is a great resource for inspiration and reminders of items you camper may need!

Download It Here!





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