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This week we are kicking off a new month, the football season, and diving into our organizational focus of the month!

I love summer, but I am always excited as we reach the month of September. My kids are back in school and I am able to normalize my daily routine and return some peace into my crazy life. Fall is the calm between the summer fun and the holiday madness.

Although, it won't feel like fall in South Carolina for a while, I get excited about the changing of the season. Neal and I met at U of SC, so we love to celebrate gameday big with the kids. I broke out The Party Plan last week to start planning for our family game day in a few weeks. It was a great way to make sure I planned kid-friendly snacks (& drinks) and treats to get us through the entire day.

ORGANIZE YOUR:   closets in the downstairs of your house

September is all about the closets in the downstairs of your home.  In case you missed it... check out our blog posts for July and August, where we did a deep dive into bedroom and upstairs closets. You can apply the tips and trick we share in those posts to this space!

This month I encourage you to get creative with making use of your space. Think beyond the typical uses of a closet. Look at your space and dream big. Closets can be functional and also bring joy!

Some people love handbags or shoes‚Ķ well I love wineūüć∑ . I love a red for the fall & winter, a white for spring & summer, and will never turn down some bubbly. I took advantage of the oddly shaped closet under my staircase and created a wine closet.

The first step in my journey to creating this space was to clear out all the old items that had just accumulated in this space. It had never had a definitive purpose, so it had become a catch all for the random items no one knew where to put. Once I had the space completely empty (and its contents relocated) I was able to better visualize the space. As always, I got out my measuring tape and noted the dimensions of the space. 

Next I was headed to the computer to do some research. I ended up finding some great options on Wine Racks of America. This website has every kind of wine storage solution you could think of. My priority was getting the racks to fit my space and to showcase the bottles I have collected. If you are doing this project on a smaller scale Amazon has some great options as well. I had the racks installed by a handyman (my construction skills are lacking & we don't need any smashed wine bottles).

The final and best step was placing all of my wine bottles on to the racks. I made sure to pre-sort the wines by color and type before putting them on to the racks. This helped me select the location of each type before adding them to the racks. When doing this I didn't want to keep moving them over and over again. 

And that is how I turned a random closet into an area that sparks so much joy!


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