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Each year we observe National Hydration Day on June 23rd. On this day, we are reminded to prioritize and celebrate all the benefits of proper hydration. It may sound silly to celebrate hydration, but it is so important. 

When I created The Plan, I was struggling to make changes in my life for the better. I knew that eating better and drinking more water could vastly change my life, but I was struggling to hold myself accountable daily. I did some research and learned that our brain is 73% water. I knew hydration needed to become a priority. That's why I included the H2O intake tracker on the daily pages of The Plan. Since it is recommended you drink 8 glasses or 64 fl oz daily, I chose to include 8 bottles. These can be used to symbolize 8 oz each or more if your hydration goals are higher! The H2O intake tracker makes the act of finishing a glass of water so much more satisfying. I mean who doesn't love to check something off!
My top tips for staying hydrated!
Emotional Support Water Bottle: There is a reason why there is always a new trending cup. I have found that picking a cup or water bottle that I love and that works for me is key in sticking with hydration. If it brings you joy you're more likely to use it!
Hydration Reminders: I have found that it is helpful to create a timeline for my hydration. There are many ways to do this, so pick what works for you. Set alarms on your phone, use a hydration tracking water bottle, download an app, or try leaving yourself reminders on sticky notes.
Start Your Day: Make it a habit to drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up. Each night I set out a glass of water on my nightstand to drink in the morning. My alarm goes off and I am already one step closer to hitting my hydration goals!
Make it Fun: Water can be boring. There are so many ways to spice it up and make it fun. Try creating infused waters each week and store them in the fridge. Mix in a LaCroix or seltzer water to add in variety. Or purchase some drink flavor packets - these aren't all created equal (I recommend trying dye free), but if it helps you get hydrated its benefits outweigh the negatives. 

Fruit Infused Waters

These fruit infused water recipes are full of benefits. They are a great alternative to drink plain old boring water without adding sugar or harmful artificial ingredients. I selected 4 recipes that are equally delicious and beneficial. Each is full of  fruits and herbs that have specially selected for their benefits.


Download a pdf freebie recipe card for these refreshing  recipes here!

  • Brain Performance - Your brain is 73% water, so staying hydrated keeps it functioning properly. Staying hydrated can positively affect your cognition, mood, and fight off anxiety.
  • Heart Health - Your blood is 90% water. Blood is responsible for moving nutrients and oxygen throughout your body. If you become dehydrated your blood's concentration changes making it difficult to evenly disperse oxygen and electrolytes to your heart & body.  Changes to your blood are directly related to heart health.
  • Joint & Muscle Movement - Hydration helps your body produce synovial fluid, which keep your joints lubricated. It reduces friction between our cartilage and bones. In addition, hydrated blood carries electrolytes to our muscles allowing them to recover quickly after movement.
  • Skin - Your skin is the bodies barrier to the outside world It is exposed to all kinds of toxins. When hydrated your skin cells create a strong barrier keeping out the bad. Hydration also aids in flushing out blemish causing toxins, preventing premature aging, and creating a balanced skin tone.

Now it’s your turn!

Grab your water bottle and stay hydrated!

Recipe inspired by Eating Bird Food

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