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Every day there are countless reasons to be grateful; a text from your best friend, your favorite song playing in the car, food on your dinner plate, and another day lived. Many of these blessings & moments go unnoticed and unappreciated. We forget to see the remarkable in the ordinary.

Personally, this has been a year full of ups and downs. But as we draw towards the closure of the year I am reminded to try to take some time to think about the positives and the people in my life who bring such happiness to my life. 

This month, let's change our habits and become intentionally grateful together. Each day I have planned a focus for us to reflect on. Some of the focuses are big, while others are simple. If you are reading this blog post and it's not early November, don't worry the challenge can still apply! Gratitude has a place in our lives all year long.

Check out the calendar below and click here to download your own copy! Feel free to adapt this challenge to make it work best for you. You can screenshot the calendar, print it, out or come back and check it each day. 
The gratitude planI am a pen and paper girly, so I created a supplemental journal featuring the focus of each day, additional prompts, and space to collect your thoughts. You can download The Gratitude Journal freebie here!

To kick this challenge off right... I had to share why I am grateful for The Plan. I am beyond thankful for this wonderful little small business that has really brought so much to me personally. I LOVE getting your notes about how The Plan has helped you, empowered you and helped take care of you. I feel like I have this entire army of women standing beside me all trying to do the same thing- be the best version of ourselves and help love + celebrate all women. I feel like The Plan has given me a platform that extends beyond my hometown of Columbia, SC. I want to create little sparks of kindness, strength and confidence in women, and I am so thankful that all of you push out that message of love with me. Gratitude for all of you and this season of giving. 

I am so excited to be diving into this challenge with y'all and hope to see you share some of the things you are most grateful for (tag us so I can see!). 

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