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October Newsletter Another month down… I cannot believe it! The fall has flown by and we are quickly approaching the busyholiday months of the year.
This month was full of family time and fun. The girls and I took a much needed trip to New York City to celebrate the twins upcoming birthday (don’t work while the girls were away the boys had their own little man trip). It was so nice to catch up with old friends and see the city back in it’s full hustle-n-bustle glory. 
The whole Truslow crew celebrated Halloween a handful of times. The more simple holidays like Halloween always make me feel warm and fuzzy. This year we dressed up as our favorite movie, Encanto… and we crushed it! I hope the kiddos will always be down to wear a family Halloween costume.


ORGANIZE YOUR:   playroom or bonus room

At The Truslow house our extra room is used as a playroom for Peyton, Harper, Emma and Gunner. Just because it's the kids' space doesn't mean it has to be a hot mess.
When you have a room that is for others it is a little harder to keep it organized on a regular basis, so schedule regular purges and clean outs. And here is one more thing that I have tried to remember- it's ok to let them live in the space! Yes, the organization is amazing but they are kids and they don't really care about clear bins:)
The Playroom

No matter your child’s age there are a few tips I live by in the playroom.

NO NEED TO READ:   Put your kiddos toys in clear bins so they can see them and know what is inside. If you choose to use wicker baskets or colored bins use labels with images so your child doesn’t need to read. You can create these on your own like I did or purchase them from Amazon.
WHAT IS IN REACH:  Be strategic on the height you store items at. You want to make sure little legs can reach the bins necessary to help clean up. Items that you don’t want your child to have unsupervised access to place in higher spots that they cannot reach.
CREATE A CLEAN OUT SCHEDULE:  I like to stick to a quarterly schedule! At this time, I will purge old toys that have broken or are no longer being used. Items in good condition I like to donate. 
ZONES, ZONES, ZONES:  My girls love The American Girl dolls. They have collected all kinds of houses, accessories, outfits and pets. To keep all of these items as contained as possible, we created an area just for the American Girl items. Gunner has the equivalent, but for his cars!
ENCOURAGE CREATIVITY:  There is nothing more creative than a child's mind. If you dedicate a space that your child can express themself at any moment they will do so. I like to add artwork to the space to spark their imagination and introduce some extra color.
KIDS WILL BE KIDS:  Playtime is messy and that's okay! Organization is great, but isn't always going to happen. Adding structure, like an art cart can help. Most days things don't get put in the correct area, but it's contained, so no big issue!


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