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Surprise, I am starting a podcast! 

I have a lot on my plate, so Why start a podcast?

Well… I love, love, love to talk obviously, haha! And I have a lot to say about women empowerment, confidence and all the highs and lows of being a woman. People kept telling me to write a book, but the podcast thing kept popping into my head. I want it to be real, honest and uplifting, not something that a bunch of editors had their hand in. Just as any of my other projects, I want women to find a little piece of self love, strength and positivity. And when we love ourselves and are happy, we push that out into the world. We can be the spark and the force to empower women everywhere!

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Why is it called A Girl in Sweaty Spandex?

I am the mom who shows up in sweaty spandex to just about every event… and I am okay with that. I teach at my studios every day and am always coming to or from class with spandex and a ponytail. It's about being ok in our own skin, feeling comfortable to put our best foot forward even in a sweaty pair of spandex. And it is what is on the inside and how we feel about ourselves that matters. Oh and we do not have to perfect our pair of spandex leggings. We have to love all the parts of ourselves, strong thighs and all!

So what is this podcast all about? 
A Girl in Sweaty Spandex is real and raw.
It’s not some overly curated podcast full of unachievable goals, fantasy lifestyles, or inside jokes - you never fully understand. It’s a podcast for everyone - moms, students, business women - with the main goal to share life and build a more positive world. We’ll chat about beauty standards, managing your energy, building strong relationships, and embracing all that you are! 
This podcast is all about feeling your best exactly how you are and building upon your strengths. It’s a place where you come as you are - in sweaty spandex - and feel at home. I want to use this platform to build a community and make a difference.

Tune in this April!

Lauren Truslow is the mom who shows up in sweaty spandex, and she’s not afraid to own it. In this podcast, she shares her experience as a fitness studio owner and instructor who’s spent the past decade birthing businesses and babies in a culture that wants to break women down and say they’re not enough. 
She’s over that, and you should be, too!
Join Lauren as she gets real on deleting impossible standards, embracing what’s real, and turning up the positivity in  the life you want to live. Whether you’re a student, mom, working woman, or fear you’re entering a post-spandex phase of life, she’s here to remind you that the world out there is yours to own—stretchy pants included.
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Cara Mazurek
Cara Mazurek

June 07, 2023

Hello Lauren!

I was a member at Barre3 when I lived in Columbia and was Cara Bibeault. Fun fact I am now a barre instructor in Charleston. Full-time I am a mental health therapist. I opened my own practice about a year ago. You have inspired me to feel capable of taking on business, wellness, and family. If I can ever offer insight on women in business, mental health and fitness, or anything of the kind I would love to offer my expertise to you. Congratulations on the podcast and I will certainly be tuning in!

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